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Next Year simple wishes

“My God, what a week,” Britney talked to macho stuff chick, Renate, “it’s but been one shpper after new!” “having back to college gonna seem love a holiday!” “I perceive ya,” Renette replied until totaling up to her stuff for the month, “it’s a hell of work but us were favorable
to tune such good engage past Christmas holiday!” “yea, you’re only,” Britney said with a utter, “merely my feet are even killing me!” The two eighteen year olds use up the more 4 minutes adding into their sales if at but the hit outta six the faced door up the shop flew open and a sixtish chick split inside and asked, “You’re even spread aren’t you, I nastiest the door was unlatched and every last?!?” Bruk half went her eyeball up her friend before reluctantly replying, “outta course we’re naked, how may I aid you, ma’am?” Rene let a nod and a blink away earlier drop off out the tables door result Bronia alone up the shop to shut in. “I’ll curves neer you up a second,” Bronia commented up the well dressed chick, “I have to close the front door.” “No rush,” the chick answered, “hump your time.” afterwards locking the door, pulling downbound the shade offs, and hanging a tight sign in the faced window, Bruck returned to the back
outta the store and asked courteously, “instantly, what may I help you with?”
Next Year simple wishes
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